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Arts and Crafts Stool

Wood: Black Walnut | Size: 15" w x 7" h x 8" d | Price: $390

Curved Foot Stool

This foot stool boasts reverse tapered legs in the Arts & Crafts style. The hand-planed top softens the edges for comfort. Perfect to prop your feet up after a long day. Wood: Cherry | Size: 15" w x 7" h x 8" d | Price: $360

The Parvus Table

The Parvus Table is in the Shaker style with a simple two-sided tapered leg. The construction of this table is made with mortise and tenon joinery and 100% solid wood. This piece is offered in our store and has a short lead time of four weeks and can be shipped via UPS to our lower 48 states. Wood: Cherry/Walnut | Size: 15" w x 24" h x 15" d | Price: $400/$470

Enfield Sofa Table

This table boasts simple, delicate lines that belie its sturdy construction. A well-placed occasional table such as this can spice up even the most drab of interiors. Wood: Cherry/Walnut | Size: 44” w x 30” h x 14” d | Price: $790

Writing Desk / Entryway Table

In the age of email, cell phones and text messages, writing letters seems a lost art. This writing desk with its classic style and simple lines evokes a time when one’s true thoughts could only be expressed by putting pen to paper. With two drawers to hold pens, paper, keys or essentials, this desk could also easily be used as a hallway or entryway table. Wood: Cherry/Walnut | Size: 42” w x 30” h x 22” d | Price: $1,900

Blanket Chest

Generously sized, this chest works well for holding extra blankets and pillows at the foot of the bed. Some of our customers have purchased this as a toy chest with the intention that their children, once grown, will re-purpose it as a blanket chest. Sturdy dove-tail construction. Can be custom-sized. Wood: Cherry/Walnut | Size: 42” w x 20” h x 25” d | Price: $2,200

Slant-front Desk

The slant-front desk is designed with a hinged front panel which folds down to provide a work space, and shuts when the desk is not in use. The slanted front style of this desk dates to back to the 1700’s, and is famously associated with the Chippendale furniture company. This more contemporary version is perfect for small spaces, and can easily accommodate a laptop computer or serve as a bill-paying center. One swing of the front panel and clutter and personal documents are quickly tucked away and out of sight. Wood: Cherry/Walnut | Size: 37½” w x 40½” h x 19” d | Price: $3,500

Arts & Crafts Sideboard

Our Arts & Crafts Sideboard has two generous cabinets and three drawers. Traditionally used to hold china, glassware, silverware, and table linens. Features traditional Arts & Crafts details such as reverse tapered legs, Arts & Crafts hardware, and cross corner detail. Wood: Cherry | Size: 72” w x 36” h x 24” d | Price: $6,200


I made one of these Arts & Crafts style rockers in memory of my mother-in-law in 2005, and it still sits in the lobby of the hospital where she passed. We are told by the hospital staff that many a weary patient and visitor has fallen asleep in it. The rocker with its fully padded leather seat and generous proportions is deceptively comfortable. Wood: Cherry with mortise and tenon construction | Size: 29" w x 42" h x 38" d | Price: $2,650

Wooden Decorative Books

What do you get when you cross an English major with a woodworker? A wooden book! It never fails to amuse us that everyone who picks up one of our wooden books will, inevitably, try to open it. Very true to life and extremely tactile with a smooth, hand-sanded finish, our customers love to turn these books over in their hands and admire the finish and beauty of the wood grain. The concept for these books came from a desire to reduce our wood waste and be more conscious of the environment and what we were putting into the landfills. Completely handmade from cut-offs from our furniture production, every book is unique in size, color, and grain. A perfect accent for a bookshelf or coffee table. Price: $75 | Set of 3

Shaker Wall Cabinet

The shakers used a cabinet similar to this to store small items and necessities. The hole at the top was used to hang on shaker pegs. The universal hanging system used by the Shakers allowed them to move the cabinet and its contents wherever it was needed. Useful as a medicine cabinet, spice rack or anywhere you need to store small items. Wood: Cherry | Size: 20.5" w x 25" h x 8.75" d | Price: $1,150

Chimney Cabinet

Always utilitarian in nature, the Shakers used this cabinet to utilize the space in between or next to brick chimneys in their home. Today, most people use this piece as an armoire. There are two drawers at the bottom and adjustable shelves inside. Wood: Cherry | Size: 26" w x 68" h x 18.5" d | Price: $2,250